Like many stories, mine begins with a place.
I grew up in a Kibbutz - a collective community where I was living and breathing agriculture and ecology.
From a young age, all kids start to contribute and get accustomed
to a working environment based on synergy and collective values.

I spent much of my childulescense working with cattle cows.
Learning the meaning of giving care to animals, life cycles, and hard labor.



At 18, I joined the Israeli Air-Force and served as a helicopter pilot for 11 years.
Becoming a pilot was a significant part of my early-adulthood.
it shaped and constructed much of my identity and skill set.

Serving as a pilot is not confined between takeoff and landing, much of my work was on the ground. 
I spent most of those years as an operations officer, headquarters commander and flight instructor - training the next wave of young pilots.
Driven by camaraderie, duty and moral - these roles sharpened my leadership, teamwork and management - of people, resources, and large scale operations.

Multidisciplinary Designer

After years of being a cog in an enormous machine such as the Israeli Air-Force, my dormant creative-curiosity was awakened.

In the summer of 2017, I moved to New York and started my graduate studies at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at Tisch School of the Arts.

In this house of the recently-possible, I was given creative-tech tools and inspirational mentoring by an extraordinary family of faculty and peers. More importantly, I was invited to create, explore and unveil my inner world through my work.

At ITP, I lead a small group of students called Teacher Corps.
We developed and lead art & technology workshops for highschool kids coming from struggling homes and difficult neighbourhoods.